Bodyguard Services in Austin

Threats can follow you anywhere. The need for a bodyguard has compounded enormously over the years. If you work as a business executive for a corporation or, if you are renowned as a celebrity, security breach and privacy breach are liable to follow you anywhere you go. The nature of your job is inclined to gather security threats. Eventually, the services of a bodyguard are hired to guard you against the foreseeable menace around you.

With an experience of more than 12 years, Nationwide Investigation & Security Inc. has become a leading security and investigation company that provides indissoluble protection services to its clients. We are known nationwide, and we have expanded our services to providing bodyguard services in Austin.

As a leading surveillance company, we specialize in providing local security guards and residential security services. Our services are bonded and insured providing services to business and residential customers worldwide. The security services we provide are available for emergency and retail security service 24 hours a day. The competence of talent within our extensive service offerings is widespread and appropriate for a variety of protection service needs. We are also responsible for providing security services to regular inhabitants.

Our workforce consists of highly trained, professional, uniformed security guards, armed and unarmed officers who readily provide bodyguard services in Austin. Our highly skilled bodyguards are aware of the security violation of our clients, and we take the all the required actions to shield you from the significant security threats around you.

If you face an emergency situation anywhere in the United States and need immediate consumption of Emergency Security (security guards, armed security guards) — just call us for help. Or, if you fear for your safety, we can readily provide you with our most competent bodyguards with one phone call.