Fire investigation Services in Los Angeles

Negligence contributes to the fire ignition in restricted areas. Industrial areas generate a massive quantity of combustible dust which becomes the prime source of a fire explosion in constrained spaces.

With an experience of 12 years in the business, Nationwide Security & Investigation Inc. rose to its prominence by providing fire investigation services in Los Angeles. We are primarily known as a security and investigation company, and over the course of time, we have expanded our services portfolio to offer fire investigation services. We are known nationwide, and we serve the key areas of the United States. We are appreciated and renowned for our investigation capabilities that cover all the grey area of an investigative matter.

Our fire investigators take the responsibility to determine the cause of the fire explosion, and they take only a day or two to find the factors that instigated a fire explosion in a particular location. Our highly expert fire investigators have experience in litigation that takes the responsibility to investigate the matter thoroughly.  They use their expertise as a fire investigator and litigators to determine if a faulty product cause the fire, or if a wiring problem existed within the facility, or if the cause of the fire may be arson. There are several factors which could be responsible for a fire ignition, and our team takes all the practical measures to get to the roots of the problem. Our fire investigation services in Los Angeles are impeccable and impenetrable in their full capacity.

The fire tends to rapidly spread so it should be controlled before it damages the entire property. If you want to reach out to us for analyzing the cause of a fire explosion in an area you may know, we have implemented a 24/7 contact policy which enables you to reach out to us at any time of the day, and we will dispatch a group of fire investigators.