Fire investigation Services in Phoenix

Human error or negligence contribute to the ignition of fire in capricious spaces.  Accidents such as leakage of deliberate gas leakage, spillage of flammable and combustible liquids in a restricted area could contribute to the ignition of fire in the first place, and specific measures should be taken to cope with the hazardous situation.

With years of experience, Nationwide Security & Investigation is known as a private investigation firm that provides a complete, thorough, and accurate investigation into the origin, cause, and responsibility of fire and explosion incidents for the insurance industry. We are primarily known as a security and investigation company, and over the course of time, we have expanded our services portfolio to offer fire investigation services in Phoenix.

As a company, we firmly believe that a massively dangerous situation similar to a fire explosion should be analyzed systematically; therefore, we have implemented an intricate process to determine the factors that contributed to a fire explosion. Our fire investigation services in Phoenix cover all the aspects to analyze the cause of a fire explosion. We systematically conduct an interview of the witnesses and bystanders which helps us to get a picture of the incident. We proceed to analyze the relevant information to determine the origin, cause, or responsibility for the fire loss incident. We take particular measures to conduct a timely and thorough scene examination which facilitates the documentation of the scene through photographs, notes, diagrams, and evidence collection.

An explosive fire takes no time to rapidly spread which is why it should be controlled before it damages the entire property. If you want to reach out to us for analyzing the cause of a fire explosion in an area you may know, we have implemented a 24/7 contact policy which enables you to reach out to us at any time of the day, and we will dispatch a group of fire investigators immediately.