Private Investigation Services in Miami

A private investigator is hired to gather evidence and searches for a juridical matter. A private detective is responsible for interviewing people, collecting data, verifying information, conducting surveillance, finding missing persons, and analyzing a case handed to them. A private investigator proves to be beneficial in analyzing a legal matter.

With a flabbergasting experience of a decade, Nationwide Investigations and Security Inc. has become a central hub for providing exceptional private investigation services in Miami. Our expert private investigations team has over 35 years of investigative and undercover surveillance service experience that includes law enforcement officers, detectives, as well as credit analysis specialists. Our clientele base is rather extensive which includes celebrities, VIPs, business executives, and regular inhabitants. Our private investigators are capable of discretely handling a matter.

We have successfully established ourselves as the most recommended company in the industry. We are not only known nationwide but, our prominence has risen to the global world. We take pride in being a regional security and investigation company that provides diversified services offering to its dependable clients. Our services are highly discrete, indispensable, concrete, and integrated into nature.

We offer our clients the option of remote surveillance services which are not only cost-effective but tremendously practical. Let it be a corporate affiliation and association movement or a missing person file; we excel in tackling all the investigation concerns. We highly specialize in background checks, computer forensics, information gathering, and investigation research. We combine equipment with experienced and trained private investigators to become a superior choice for private investigation services in Miami.

If you want to hire our services, you are free to book a free, commitment-less proposal. We are readily committed to serving our clients regardless of time and weather which is why we have enforced a 24/7 contact policy at our firm.