Uniformed Officers and Patrol Service.

Uniformed Officers and Patrol Service.

Hire uniformed security officers to guarantee protection of your residential or business property. Nationwide Investigations and Security, Inc. provides trained security officers with experience to safeguard your assets round the clock.

Unformed Security Officers for a Friendly Service

Unformed security officers provide a friendly service while posing a visual deterrent to crime. Hiring unformed security officers can benefit residencies and corporate entities in multiple ways. Their friendly and welcoming gesture is viewed as an official indication of warm reception. Security officers hired in both short term and long term basis benefit residence owners and business administration by providing friendly support to authorized visitors while keeping out unauthorized personnel.

We employ well groomed security officers who are professionally trained to provide an excellent service. In recruitment, we ensure that no individual with recent or past criminal records is hired. Our security officers are also drug tested prior to hiring to ensure trustworthy service. Nationwide Investigations and Security, Inc. is a leading security solutions provider with high standards of service.

Patrol Service

Using security cameras and modern security equipment alone will not guarantee full security of your residence and business premises. Thieves and criminals are less deterred by security cameras and alarm systems since their function is only limited to informing respective authorities of security breaches rather than stopping the crime. Uniformed security officers in patrol are thus highly effective in controlling crimes than most modern security equipment.

Nationwide Investigations and Security, Inc. provides you trained patrol guards to deter crime via onsite security guard presence. It is both safer and effective in loss prevention due to theft and vandalism which ensures least damage and harm on properties and human lives.

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